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Hydraulic Engineering III

Master Module of the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering

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The Hydraulic Engineering III course covers three blocks of topics:
Hydraulic engineering testing
The first block of topical deals with hydraulic engineering testing with its fundamentals and possible applications. The focus is on hydraulic engineering models – however, hybrid modelling methods, ethohydraulic model approaches and families are also dealt with.
  • Fundamentals of model theory
  • Similarity Mechanics
  • Transferability limits
  • Applications of hydraulic engineering models
  • Model planning and construction
The second topic block is dedicated to data acquisition by hydrometric measurements. In addition to the instruments and methods, data analysis and error estimation are also discussed.
  • Methods and instruments for the acquisition of hydrometric data
  • Measured value analysis
Practical application
The third topic block operates on a thematic meta-level and conveys competences that play an important role in engineering professions independently of hydraulic engineering. Methods and competences for the preparation of an offer are explained using the example of a concrete request for proposal.
  • Preparation of a professional quotation for hydraulic engineering model tests on the basis of real request for quotation
  • In addition, background information on the topic of “Quotation preparation”
Example of a physical model in the research laboratory