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Basics of Pipe and Channel Hydraulics

Bachelor module of the Chair of Hydraulic Engineering

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Module poster “Grundlagen der Rohr- uns Gerinnenhydraulik”
Module poster “Grundlagen der Rohr- uns Gerinnenhydraulik”


Thematic introduction
  • Water properties
  • Pressure definitions, piston pressure, gravity pressure, force on boundaries
  • Buoyancy force, swimming stability
  • Definitions, continuity equation, Re-number, Fr-number, flow types
  • Energy approach according to Bernoulli
  • Impulse approach and support force approach
Pipe hydraulics
  • Definitions and continuous hydraulic losses
  • Local hydraulic losses, energy plan
Channel hydraulics
  • Flow formulas
  • Flow change
  • Non-uniform flow conditions
  • Water level calculation
  • Module number: 13-L2-M021
  • Creditpoints: 3 CP
  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Boris Lehmann
  • Mandatory module: B.Sc. Civil Engineering and Geodesy (PO21); B.Sc. Environmental Engineering (PO21)
  • Prior knowledge: -